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Get the ultimate 
trekking experience!

Join us in an epic trek through rainforests and alpine meadows all the way up to the snow capped Mt. Margherita at 5109 m, or simply enjoy the beautiful and relaxingtrekking through the "botanical big game" of giant heathers, senecios and lobelias in the valleys of Mountains of the Moon.

About us

Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Association (RRHA) is an established community based organization promoting tourism for community sustainability around the Protected Areas of Uganda.

RRHA provides experienced guides, cooks and escorts for both Mountain and Savannah safaris. RRHA is formed and owned by the local Bakonzo people living on the foot hills of Rwenzori Mountains, one of the highest in Africa and a permanent snow capped mountain along the Equator. RRHAs guiding experience dates back 1888 AD when a young boy directed Stanley’s eyes to the snow capped mountains behind the lake Albert.

RRHA boasts of its professional, qualified and experienced guiding skills offered by trained guides, chefs and escorts; who are also conscious of environmental protection.


Byaruhanga Masereka Israel

Director of Secretary


Masereka Benard

Director of Chairperson


Kabahisya Jerome

Director of Tourism

Kabahisya Charles

Director of Culture and Conservation


Muhindo Elizah

Director Gender and Community


Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Director in charge of International Relations


Mulekya Muhindo Robert

Director of Finance and Administration


Baluku Herbert

Office Administrator and in charge of Guides

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