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Pierpando, Italy
"We are extremely satisfied with the whole experience, in particular with the choice of Bukurungu Trail, which is more wild and less crowded compare with the most famous circuits.​"


Rugumayo Amundsen, Norway

"I have been trekking and climbing Rwenzori for 15 years. I have been up and around this mountain massiv 16 times. Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Association is operated by the people that was among the fist to establish mountain tourism in Rwenzori. People with a lot of knowledge and experience." It is a must for every nature lover to visit this massif.

Barbara Kasperek, Poland

"I could tell more than hundret reasons why I recommend the beauty of Rwenzori. Once you walk there and you will fall in love in that place. Every day on trekking in Rwenzori can give a new experience and many surprises like plants, lakes, forest, green, rocky and icy Mountain and very kind people living near there. RRHA is the Agency who can make your dream come truth and organize every detail of your trekking wish to make satisfied all clients like they did for me and mine friends."

Piotr Filek

"Everything was very very good! First of all the cook! Food was amazing, always ready on time with a nice atmosphere! Great!" The guide and porters also without complain. Thank You very very much! This was the experience I will remember forever! Thank You for help and for making it possible! Good luck for the future."

"RRHA did a very good job to customize the trip to our interests and fitness! From the first answer to our inquiry and during the trip, they were always concerned to make us meet our goal. We wanted to see the fabulous mountain flora of Rwenzori. It took us 2 days to reach the zone of giant lobelia. The nature up there is so beautiful, next time we should add one more day, just to stay and move around in this zone."

Tsvika, Shelly and Adi - Israel

"We had a very unique experience at the Rwenzori. The new trail that you open allowed us to get to know the mountain as it really is. The staff was really amazing, we got the best treatment along the whole trip. The guides were very professional and the meals were excellent. We will never forget the mountains or the staff."


Hadas & Asa

The trek was perfect, we had a lot of fun and it is definitely a unique experience. We will advice our friends to do the trek with RRHA!! The trek to the Rwenzori was amazing with a staff that made us feel really comfortable and safe.Thank you very much for a great time!



"I climbed the Rwenzori Mountains in 2006, and I recommend anyone with an interest in flora and mountains. The gigantic afroalpine flora is extremely interesting and unique and richer here than in any other mountains in Africa. The pristine, unspoiled nature and the wild mountains are something you should not miss. I am coming back soon!"

KARO & NIgel ( 2 French living in Tromsø)

Bukurungu trail + Mt Margherita 19-26 Dec. 2018

After our visit to Kasese’s RRHA office, some first talks and the climbing material preparation, we knew we were in good hands and could rely on our Guides. That we didn´t need to plan nor even think about the logistic part, made the wild Bukurungu trail adventure even greater. That means we were totally able to disconnect and enjoy the incredibly amazing environment we were going to live in during 8 days.

The progression from the villages to the summit is gradual, through the different vegetation belts (montane forest, bamboos, heathers, bogs, lichens, mosses…) It’s a peculiar feeling at 4000m elevation to be surrounded with giant plant species like Heather trees, Dendrosenecio or Lobelia with the birds they host. Then you flip your head up, hearing an eagle and you realize you still have more than 1000m upon your eyes, some Helichrysum growing to the upper zones among other Poa Subularia, mosses,… Early morning climbing to Margherita Peak, finally walk on an African Glacier, and enjoy the neighbouring peaks, Alexandra and Albert. See? Dreaming between fog and sun, moon and rivers, you’ve already forgotten about the team led by the guides that «brought» you here (without them we’d be for sure lost in a bog or the forest).

Now, let’s put down the binoculars and go to see what excellent dinner the cook will surprise us with (Best Chapati ever for us at 3962m :D) Time to travel back to the lower zones, our guides always very attentive and full of knowledge regarding the local history, nature and culture of the Park and communities around. Porters are running in front of us as usual! Thank you RRHA for the great organization and team work, from the office to the field!

Now we’ve seen that you got new tents, we’ll be back to try them 🙂

Two Italian guys

We are two Italian guys who went for a 8 days trekking (the original plan was 9 days, we merged together the last two days due to out time constraints) through the Bukurungu trail, a new path that was opened for tourists just one year ago.

More in details, the first four days we slept on tends along the Bukurungu trail, at the end of the fifth day we reached the central circuit, which is the most famous trekking circuit. Then we went up to Margherita Peak and down through the central circuit.

We are extremely satisfied with the whole experience, in particular with the choice of Bukurungu trail, which is more wild and less crowded compare with the most famous circuits.

We organised the trekking with Bernard Masereka of Rwenzori Ranges Hikers Association, and he was reliable and he answered very quickly to any question or concern.

Our team comprised:
1) two guides, that were super:
- Baluku Herbert - chief guide, very expert, strong and wise, with a perfect English and capable of very pleasant conversation
- Babughaghe Peter - second guide, very expert (expecially in mountaneering stuff)

2) Muthabali Sadrack - the cook; he always prepared delicious and appropriate food, so that we had a lot of appetite despite the high altitude. Moreover he was very careful with the cleaning of dishes and pots. NB: despite we are Italian and therefore very demanding when eating Italian food, we were very happy also with the Italian pasta he cooked.

4) 7 porters, who were very nice, polite, professional and hard workers;
- Bwambale Moses
- Nzwenge Roben
- Njima William 
- Baluku Sagini
- Musule Mbusa 
- Bakirana Ndereya 
- Bakamwegha Lazaro 

Every one in the team seemed a healthy person who worked at the best of his possibility to ensure sustenance to the family and a good education to the children. We strongly recommend each of them.

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